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Universidad Hispanoamericana

Universidad Hispanoamericana

Universidad Hispanoamericana has more than 39 years leading academic commitment in Costa Rica, it is an experienced university, founded in 1982. It offers more than 30 different undergraduate and postgraduate programs of interest for employers in in Health Sciences, Engineering, Social Studies, Economic & Business Sciences and Education. It is currently the second largest private university in the country and the second private university with the largest number of programs accredited for their quality.

With 5 different campuses around the country, each one perfectly equipped with all the infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, students have the best tools for an optimal experience during their education. UH prides itself on leading the way through teaching & learning methodologies based on simulation and practice carried out in laboratories and simulation centers for different careers to develop skills and competences through real-life scenarios.

UH is committed to the development of leaders and drivers of change so they contribute to improving society at the national and international levels.

International students make up about 3 to 5% of its student body, who are undertaking undergraduate programs. Additionally, UH hosts international students through its Study Abroad program all year round.

Costa Rica is much more than Pura Vida; we are a country that believes in education and self-improvement. We believe in our people, their capacity, and their great spirit. Our main purpose is to go beyond by combining high quality education with the greatest cultural immersion experiences.