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UIA supplies and promotes university teaching in the various areas of knowledge, particularly in those professional disciplines most needed within Costa Rican society, aiming at contributing to the development of the country and worldwide, in accordance with the integrated strategic plan. We are the university that sparks learning, by transforming persons into innovating leaders who stand out globally. Being the leading university that promotes constant change, through practices and novel teaching tendencies.

The recruitment process and administrative standards permanently supervise the process of choice of teachers, which allows us to have an excellent teaching body, distinguished by its capacity to promote change, transmit knowledge and follow up on its students.

UIA strongly promotes student life, which is why we have several activities, sports clubs and volunteer programs that build social sensitivity.

The campus at San José is strategically located, surrounded by gastronomy, culture and art.

We also have an Interactive Communication Center, Radio and Television Center- Press Agency, Simulation Center for Clinical Skills for Health Science and Pharmaceutical Attention Simulation.

According to the Costa Rican lnvestment Promotion Agency, this country attracts businesses who know the importance of productive sustainability, leveraging growth through advanced human capabilities, converging technologies, and multisector collaboration and innovation for high-impact business outcomes. Costa Rica provides a dynamic platform for talent development, in alignment with market needs and the jobs of the future. “Talent is our greatest resource, we cultivate intelligence naturally.”


Daniel Jiménez Cavallini

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